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Raid Recipes

Feast - Seafood Magnifique Feast

Cauldron - Cauldron of Battle


Class Info

A few class-specific links for those looking to find out more about their class or others!



Useful Links

  • Wowhead - Great site for looking up quests, NPCs, items, etc.
  • Wow-Heroes - Look yourself up and see how you rate and where upgrades should come from for your toon.
  • elitistjerks - Great forums for each class, discussions can get real technical (zomg spreadsheets).
  • tankspot - Wonderfully narrated videos of just about every boss fight.
  • PugChecker - Quick way to check potential PUGers for gear and knowledge of instances.
  • MaxDPS - Rankings of gear for each gear/spec - great for those quick decisions on raids.
  • WoW Gem Finder - Handy database of all gems in game, sortable by color and characteristic.
  • Ask Mr. Robot - Great site for planning out what instances you need ot run to get specific pieces of gear.

Fun Links

(WARNING: May contain adult themes or language, or possibly Kate's Mom)


Crafted Gear


Plate Wrist Legs
Healer Soul Redeemer Bracers Pyrium Legplates of Purified Evil
DPS Bracers of Destructive Strength Unstoppable Destroyers Legplates
Tank TItanguard Wristwraps Foundations of Courage


Cloth Wrist Legs

[Dreamwraps of the Light]

[World Mender's Pants]

[Bracers of Unconquered Power]

[Lavaquake Legwraps]


Leather   Wrist Legs
Shaman Healer

[Thundering Deathscale Wristguards]

[Deathscale Leggings]

[Bracers of the Hunter-Killer]

[Rended Earth Leggings]

Rogue DPS

[Bladeshadow Wristguards]

[Bladeshadow Leggings]
Hunter DPS

[Bracers of the Hunter-Killer]

[Rended Earth Leggings]
Druid Healer

[Bracers of Flowing Serenity]

[Leggings of Nature's Champion]


[Bracers of Flowing Serenity]

[Leggings of Nature's Champion]

[Bladeshadow Wristguards]

[Bladeshadow Leggings]




WoW News
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